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"…thence we came forth to rebehold the stars."Dante Alighieri

"… Lose yourself in the essence of the stars"Discover the fragrances

When the most precious secrets of the olfactory art meet passion for the science of astronomy,
new unexpected worlds are born.

“…the charm that the cosmos has always exerted on our collective imagination. […] And from the Earth, we look up to be inspired.”

“ … the perfume inspired by constellations…”

“ Isn’t there a more exotic place than the night sky to let your imagination fly?
… a sparkling journey amongst stars”

“… a jewel bottle …”

“…Betelgeuse, a genderless fragrance...
an olfactory journey into the universe’s mysteries…”

“Stars are always there even when they can’t be seen,
invisible to the eye just like perfume...”

    Discovery Set

    4x2ml – Eau de Parfum

    In Astra