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Autumn 2023: Perfumes for wellbeing

During the autumnal season days are getting shorter and we always find the need of finding new energy to overcome cooler temperatures. There are, however, several things we can do during these months to live with renewed joy and vitality.

Let’s see some lifestyle trends for Autumn 2023:

Nature walks
Walking surrounded by a colourful landscape, with warm hues of orange, yellow and red is the perfect way to connect with the rhythm of this autumnal season and find benefit in taking in the nature’s energy.

Time for yourself
Finding quality time for ourselves to pamper both the body and the mind can do miracles to our emotions: having a warm bath, reading a good book or enjoying a quiet evening listening to music and relaxing.

Snug clothing
Oversized sweaters, boots with silk skirts, soft scarves are going to be our best allies to create trendy and confortable outfits.

The best perfume for autumn
A perfume full of character always helps to make us feel charming and self-confident.
For this autumn we suggest a perfume with aromatic notes, which will evoke calmness, warmth and energising emotions.

Betelgeuse by In Astra
Betelgeuse is a delicate, comforting and unforgettable perfume. Floral notes of iris envelop in a velvety embrace the earthy, yet vibrant accord of oakmoss and coffee absolute.
The fragrance will have a nice impact to your mood, creating a connection between the sensory experience and your emotional state. This autumn choose Betelgeuse.