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Press release


IN ASTRA is an artistic fragrance house founded in 2020 by Sofia and Fabiola Bardelli.

Nose, the former, and creative director, the latter, the two young entrepreneurs launched their first fragrance collection during the pandemic, aiming to bring light, hope and rebirth during this dark and uncertain period.

IN ASTRA was born from the union of two big passions, which have accompanied the two founders from an early age: the passion for the art of perfumery and for astronomy, the universe and its secrets yet to be discovered.

Dedication and knowledge are the foundation of an artistic project that creates a parallelism between stars and perfume: both perfume and stars are present even without being visible and both stand apparently still, yet they are in continuous evolution. As stars gradually change during their lives, perfumes also reveal with time their top, heart and base notes.

IN ASTRA proposes four fragrances, each dedicated to a star. Following an artistic interpretation of each star’s characteristics, the olfactory notes are chosen to tell a unique, emotional story. The artistic fragrance house is entirely made in Italy and aims for excellence in selecting high- quality raw materials.

The elegant and design bottle has been studied with care: it is embellished with a golden cap that reproduces the surface of a star, truly representing the house’s concept. IN ASTRA is the new artistic fragrance house that interprets with passion the journey amongst the mysteries of the universe: emotional, audacious and seductive redolence.

“...thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.” - Dante Alighieri