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How to choose a perfume

How many times have you smelled a perfume and everything just clicked?

Choosing a perfume is something unique and intimate; if you have ever recognised a perfume even though you didn’t know the name, it is because the olfactory composition is similar to the one in your favourite perfume.
Olfactory notes, a particular accord, an olfactory composition tell a lot about us and about how we can identify with a perfume.
Would you like to understand what type of perfume is best for you that will simply become one with your personality?
It is now possible: we are happy to announce the collaboration between In Astra and Perfumist.
The Perfume Advisor helps you find your favourite fragrance among the entire In Astra collection, and you will discover more on the incredible world of fragrances from all over the world, on the history of the most known perfumes as well as on the numerous olfactory universes.
It is exciting to discover that many olfactory accords do speak truly about you, after all. They are the ones you will find in “your” new In Astra perfume.
How does it work? It is very simple! Write the name of your favourite perfume and your match from In Astra will immediately appear along with further information and fun facts.
The suggested fragrance will be chosen among thousands of perfumes found in the Perfumist database and selected thanks to your favourite olfactory notes.

What are you waiting for? Do it right now!
You will just need to click on the gold button on the Home.