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In Astra goes to Paris, with the best brands of artistic perfumery

Rives de la Beauté In Astra 2022In the City of Light was set the 12th edition of “Rives de la Beauté”: a whole week celebrated the world of beauty and niche perfumes. On the banks of the Seine, an olfactory tour led to the discovery of branded and multi-brand shops, where maisons, artists and creators let explore the transversal nature of beauty and perfumery through instalments, exhibitions, literary salons and lots of events.

“An American in Paris” is this year’s Speed Smelling theme: thirteen noses from IFF had to express their own talent. They realised a unique collection of diverse compositions, letting their creativity loose without any constraints.

In the heart of Marais, the Atelier des Rives gathered many brands of artistic perfumery coming from France and all over the world, amongst them there was In Astra, at the Comptoir Niche by Nez.

Perfume lovers and aficionados, experts or curious passers-by came to discover the four bright stars of In Astra: Antares, Betelgeuse, Mismar, Tistar

A welcoming audience pleasantly surprised us with a fascinated interest in our fragrances, Au revoir Paris !