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WEGA The floral elegance of a gourmand fragrance

A new star is born: WEGA, the fifth fragrance of the artistic fragrance house IN ASTRA.

An olfactory composition, so gentle and lustrous, like the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra that shines with its blue-white hue during the summer nights.

The fragrance’s overture celebrates the pure and delicate Sakura blossoms, bestrewing the vernal landscape with soft pink petals, and the fruity, yet lively raspberry notes, leading us in a magical journey to the Rising Sun.

In Wega’s heart lies the queen of flowers, floating with ethereal grace in a sugar cloud of marshmallow: it reveals the refined, true spirit of the fragrance.

The base notes perform the epilogue: vanilla from Madagascar delights the senses and envelops in a tender embrace the warmth of tonka bean and the earthiness of vetiver from Haiti, so distinctive and complex.

Wega is an olfactory score that plays a tune as pure and magical as the music exuding from the stars.