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Winter 2023: Perfumes under the stars

The long winter nights offer magical spectacles exuding mysterious scents: a black canvas of scattered diamonds shining far away, guarding secrets of galaxies, nebulae and comets.

Neanderthal comet
During these February nights a unique spectacle has taken place, keeping many people’s eyes glued to the celestial vault: astronomers and amateurs have also gazed at the sky looking for the “Neanderthal comet”, or C/2022 E3 (ZTF). After a journey long almost 50,000 years, the green-hued comet passes Earth, before travelling back to the edge of the solar system.
Stars’ sidereal light reminds us the pervasive winter perfumes, like the smell of icy mossy woods and of frostbitten aromatic citrus notes , or even the scent both bitter and exotic of frankincense and spices savouring hot teas.

Perfumes for the winter nights
Mismar and Tistar by In Astra will seduce everyone during the long comet’s nights. Mismar, inspired by the Pole Star, is a spicy, metallic perfume, with woody notes that engulf you in a warm embrace of ambergris and frankincense.

Tistar encapsulates the essence of crisp, wintry air: spikier notes of pine and blazing musks are juxtaposed to the softer, yet sweeter elements of the perfume, whilst the temperature is lowered in accords of mint, eucalyptus and tenacious citrus notes.