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Antares: The scent of white flowers

It is common knowledge how the scent of flowers impacts and betters our mood, our emotions or often accompanies brides down the aisle for their big day.
This almost-hypnotic aroma caresses the senses in a delicate and engulfing fashion.

Sensuality and myths about the scent of tuberose and jasmine
Tuberose is the queen of white flowers, surrounded by the charm of myths and lore throughout the centuries. The story goes that during Renaissance, tuberose was indeed a forbidden flower, for its aphrodisiac scent would induce maidens to fall into temptation. In the other side of the world, in India, tuberose and marigolds decorate traditional wedding ceremonies: strings of fragrant tuberose and jasmine adorn garlands and brides’ posies as symbols of fortune, pleasure and prosperity.

Antares by In Astra: sensual and persistent
Inspired by the brightest star in Scorpius constellation, Antares by In Astra is an explosion of white flowers. The aroma of tuberose, narcotic and opulent, merges with the sensual creaminess of frangipani. Voluptuary warmth of amber accord and sandalwood reveals Antares’ stellar magnetism. The result is seductive olfactory notes that complement any mood and personality in a unique and enveloping redolence.