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Interview to the Nose Sofia Bardelli

Creating an unforgettable perfume from scratch is a prestigious and mysterious craft. The mission of a Nose (also known as the perfume creator) is to translate an idea into olfactory notes, whilst creating a balance between the numerous diverse raw materials. A Nose must know how to tell scents and discern all the different nuances of each ingredient.

How can one become a Nose?
Scientific studies, chemistry in particular, are the starting point of the Nose’s education, which then envisages a specialisation in perfumery institutes, where it is taught how to develop the olfactory memory fundamental to identifying hundreds of raw materials.
We have asked Sofia, the creator of In Astra perfumes, to tell us about the world of perfumery and her personal vision of this mesmerising job.

What does perfume mean to you?
Perfume is communication, it is emotion. Every emotion we feel has a particular and unique smell. We always remember scents we smelled during our most memorable moments of our lives, when we were happy or sad, surprised or fascinated by places, emotions, people. Perfume conveys our essence, anything we want others to know about us. We often spray our favourite fragrance to appear sexier, more audacious or just to pamper ourselves.



How is an In Astra perfume created?
Every In Astra perfume is created by a thorough research of the star by which it’s inspired: I study the star’s characteristics that help me understand its essence. From there, the creative process takes shape: notes come together in harmonious accords often built by contrasting raw materials, which will form the essence of a unique, inimitable symphony.

What was your first composition for In Astra?
The first composition for In Astra was Mismar. It had a long creative process because I had twisted its structure many times until I obtained a balanced essence that would capture my olfactory vision of the magnificent Pole Star.

What is your favourite raw material?
I particularly love pink pepper essential oil. Its notes are spicy, metallic, citrusy and fruity; they evoke energy and sunshine of faraway lands. We can find pink pepper in our perfume Antares: spraying onto skin, one can appreciate all the spicy and sparkly nuances of this wonderful raw material.

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