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The Perfume of Valentine’s Day

Stars and dreamers: this love story began in the mists of time. Poets, writers, scientists and great explorers of the past and the present have fallen under the spell of stars and constellations, singing odes or devoted their lives to studying these wondrous creations of the universe. A bond that transcends space and time, like the heartbeat of a black hole pulsating every 5-10 million years, in this mesmerising picture.

Credits: NASA

What does Valentine’s Day smell like?
For us, it has a mysterious scent, sometimes warm and overwhelming, other times cold and enticing.
It is the perfume of universal love, the one that whenever we look up at a starry night sky ignites our mind with reassuring and soothing thoughts: stars invite us to fall in love with someone, with ourselves, with the humankind in all its glory.

What perfume to give on Valentine’s Day?
Without a doubt, it is the perfume of one of the four stars of In Astra. Discover their multifaceted, unique personality and the long-lasting essence on your skin.
Antares, Betelgeuse, Mismar, Tistar by In Astra will make the celebration of love unique and unforgettable: give a star on Valentine’s Day!